CAreer coaching programs

Whether you are looking to improve your corporate experience at your current organization or looking to transition to something new, Intelle has just the right program for you.  In addition to empowering you to achieve career success, all of our coaching programs are infused with wellness strategies and tools, to enable you thrive as you navigate the corporate landscape.  

achieve career success & wellness

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"i am...


  • Feeling dissatisfied in my current job.  I wake up with a sinking feeling in my stomach every Sunday night or Monday morning when I think of going to work.
  • Juggling so many high-skilled responsibilities at work, (doing enough for 3 employees) and I am constantly overwhelmed.
  • Feeling invisible and stagnant.  I have been passed over for promotions I thought I should have gotten. I experienced fast career growth in the first 1-5 years and now...nothing is happening.
  • Not getting the support I need.  My manager doesn't seem to be "fighting" for me.  I am not getting any training or development to stay current in my field.
  • Feeling like the "best kept secret".  I am really smart and talented but I feel like no one sees it.
  • Feeling stress and anxiety just being part of the team.  I consistently deal with stereotypes and "seemingly harmless" jokes at my expense.  I just don't feel comfortable.
  • Not getting paid enough.  I have gotten advanced degrees in my field and demonstrated my value but I know I am underpaid.
  • Feeling jaded.  I have no passion for what I do anymore and I am just earning a check".

If any of these resonate with you, this program was created with you in mind!



At Intelle, here's what we believe. 

Achieving career success, while also prioritizing your wellness, is a non-negotiable!  You are capable of achieving your own personalized definition of success while living your best life.  We believe you can achieve a career that allows you to:

  1. Do meaningful and fulfilling work that makes an impact, 
  2. Lead and inspire teams
  3. Continuously learn and evolve
  4. Build strong relationships
  5. Live your best life in and out of work
  6. Be compensated well for it!


select your coaching module

  • Achieve Your Career Goals

           Become a self-actualizing corporate leader who achieves her big goals now!

  • Negotiate Your Best Compensation Yet

            Claim your biggest compensation package unapologetically with our winning strategies!

  • Personal Branding: Hone Your Executive Presence

           Create an irresistible personal brand that makes you a highly sought after asset, propelling you all the way from entry level to the C-Suite!

  • Radiate Confidence At Work

          Exude unshakable confidence that is immune to microaggressions & impostor syndrome, revealing the invaluable business mind you are deep within!

  • Build Strategic Executive Relationships

         Turn your managers, peers and external partners into your strongest advocates by building solid connections across the board.

  • Wellness for Busy Professional Women

         Thrive in your corporate career by guarding your mental and overall wellness fiercely!

Secure your ideal job


"I AM...


  • Definitely ready for a change in my career / jobs / roles. 
  • Struggling with finding the right opportunities.
  • Submitting resumes time and again, and no one is responding.
  • Not getting calls back after the interview stage.
  • Nervous about negotiating my compensation.  I never know what to say."




Intention and strategy are the hallmarks of this program.  We begin by creating a mindset that puts you in a position of power and not desperation.  This shift in thinking is critical to attracting and securing the job and company you want!

This program has 3 Phases:

  • PHASE 1: Define & Attract Your Ideal Job

           Define your ideal job (and company); a job you cannot wait to show up to every single day!  Attract your ideal opportunity with  strong brand elements (resume, cover letter, digital footprint) and create your leverage early.

  • PHASE 2: Landing the Job

           Wow your soon-to-be new employer during the interview phase. Secure the leverage you need to get what you desire!

  • PHASE 3: Closing the Deal

           Close the deal with confidence, intention and grace; walking away with your best offer yet!



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"I AM...

  • Dealing with an urgent career-related challenge and I need an expert opinion on the subject.
  • Looking for a strategy outline to help me navigate a specific career topic.
  • Preparing for a major presentation at work and need the opinion of a corporate executive
  • Self-motivated, goal-oriented and need little to no ongoing support."



how can intelle help?

Our 60-minute Career Troubleshooting session is designed to provide immediate clarity and direction to get you back on the right course in your career.  At the end of the Career Troubleshooting session, you will walk away with:



  • An understanding of the root cause of your current situation
  • Specific strategy outline to help you achieve your goals
  • Sample from our Wellness Essentials for Busy Corporate Professionals
  • Complete video recording of our session

Intelle business consulting


I AM...


  • Ready to become a senior leader in my organization but I am not sure how to break the "glass ceiling".
  • Dealing with a complex business / technical challenge and I need an expert problem-solver.
  • Ready to put my name on the next multi-million-dollar win at my company.



Distinguish yourself within your workplace by partnering with Intelle to design solutions for your enterprise-wide business problems.  

Benefit from our long and successful history of creating significant results for complex, multi-billion-dollar organizations.

your intelle results



  • Has an empowered mindset; a deep knowledge of my power and strengths as a Black corporate leader.
  • Knows exactly what I want in my career and life and I am going after it with no apologies.
  • Exudes confidence and is ready to speak up; whether it's offering a new perspective or asking for what I need.
  • Has an unmistakable personal brand that has a reputation for high achievement and collaboration.
  • Builds mutually-beneficial, strategic alliances.
  • Prioritizes her self-care in all situations.
  • Achieves her big career goals year after year.
  • Commands a robust compensation package.