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In organizing this event for the Women of ColorComm San Francisco, it was important for me to invite a Speaker who would not only share her story, but also equip our ladies with the tools, strategies and support needed to achieve their biggest goals this year.  I'm happy to say that Stella did all of that and more! Definitely recommend this workshop to any organization!
                            - Vanessa Mitchell, Executive Director, ColorComm San Francisco
Today was awesome! The ladies loved the discussion! Just what I was hoping for; an event that would make the sister circle stronger professionally and socially. I'm putting this in the "Win" column for the year!
Thank you, Stella!"
                     - Amber Artiaga, President ENOC

Below are some FAVORITES:

Getting Off AutoPilot: How to Design and Implement Your Ideal Career Now


During this event, you will learn how to:

  • Determine if you are on "autopilot" and learn the importance of actively engaging with your career
  • Assess your current career state across several dimensions; to determine your current likes and dislikes
  • Answer this simple, yet elusive question "What do I want in my career?"
  • Create your Ideal Career Design; which will serve as your career blueprint, helping you make key, pivotal decisions at major career milestones
  • Use your Career Design to go after exactly what you want without fear or hesitation


Accomplish Your Ambitious Career Goals

During this event, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the real reasons why you have not achieved your goals in the past.  HINT: It may not be what you think
  • Develop ambitious goals that feel "real" to you and are based on your personalized definition of success
  • Create an effective strategy and simple action plan that enable you take consistent, substantive and effective steps towards your goals 
  • Give yourself the right kind of support to keep you motivated and hold you accountable when you feel yourself going off track


your career strategy: setting yourself up for success


During this event, you'll discover:

  • The true definition of a career strategy and why it is important for navigating a successful career
  • Where and how strategy fits into the overall goal-achievement process; making it more than just a cliche, over-used word
  • 5 key questions to answer in developing an effective career strategy that puts you squarely in the driver seat of your career
  • Practical applications of your career strategy in daily career conversations and decisions


Banish Impostor Syndrome: How to Gain Self-Confidence & Stand in the Spotlight Unapologetically


During this event, you'll discover:

  • The definition of impostor (or imposter) syndrome and how it shows up both in career and personal interactions
  • The dangers of impostor syndrome and how it robs you of your ideal career
  • Stella's personal struggle with impostor syndrome as she navigated her early days in corporate America
  • The real root cause behind impostor syndrome
  • How to banish impostor syndrome and exude confidence at work; taking you from being the best kept secret in the office to being the most highly sought after asset!
  • How to thrive despite microaggressions and challenging work cultures by learning how to equip and protect yourself emotionally


Prioritizing Wellness While Climbing The Corporate Ladder


During this event, you will learn:

  • The importance of prioritizing your wellness while pursuing career success
  • Stella's personal struggle with wellness as she built her corporate career as a Black, Female, executive
  • How to define wellness and success for yourself, not based on others' opinions
  • Actionable strategies for maintaining wellness as a busy, professional woman with a demanding career and life
  • How develop a restorative wellness plan that helps eliminate stress, overwhelm and burnout
  • How to surround yourself with the right kind of support to help you navigate career challenges


Your Brand is Your Business: How to Intentionally Develop a Personal Brand that Serves You


During this event, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the value of your personal brand; thereby protecting it fiercely
  • Define 3-5 "speed bumps" that allow you to intentionally manage your brand
  • Honestly answer the question, "Would I work with me?"
  • Intentionally and strategically manage your emotions so they serve you in the workplace
  • Value your feminine energy as an asset in corporate settings dominated by masculine energy
  • Intentionally bring your full self to work authentically



Stella Odogwu is the Founder of Intelle Coaching Solutions, a career coaching platform that empowers Black women to excel in their corporate careers without sacrificing their wellness. 

For Stella, having a successful corporate career includes doing a job that harnesses your strengths, fosters your professional and personal growth and provides you with a lucrative compensation so you can live more abundantly.

This process begins with an empowered mindset; the core belief that we all have something to offer that is unique and valuable.

Leveraging her Accounting & Economics Undergrad degrees, as well as her MBA from Howard University, Stella has built a successful career as a Supply Chain leader in the Food, Healthcare, and Consumer Goods industries over the last 12 years. Her first-hand experience as a Black woman in Corporate America, coupled with those of others around her, inspired her to launch Intelle.

As a coach, speaker and writer, Stella is passionate about fostering a community where Black women are truly fulfilled in their careers and lives and can pass on that legacy to future generations.

When she is not working, Stella is spending time with her husband, family, and friends.  She also works with volunteer organizations that are involved in shaping the minds of Black and Brown children.