For many women, their careers have “gotten away from them” and they have found themselves on autopilot.  Although they get up every morning and go to work, they have lost their sense of career purpose and direction.  They are stressed out, fatigued, underpaid and stagnant in their fields.   They have been on this track for so long that they have normalized it, not knowing any other options.

 For others, they are newer in their careers and have never truly defined their own paths.  They are following the crowd but are unsure exactly what they want or how to navigate.

Is this you?

If you find yourself feeling “stuck” in your career, or if you are looking to reconnect with your truest career desires, then this workbook was designed exactly for you!

Your Career Design Workbook is a visual representation of your ideal career. 

You begin by visualizing what you want in your career and then documenting every detail.  By the time you are done, it will become so clear you can almost taste it!



With this online training, you learn the exact strategies and tips I personally have used in creating an irresistible, winning resume from scratch!

Your resume only serves ONE PURPOSE! Find out exactly what your resume is supposed to do for you. HINT: It may not be what you think!

The exact resume strategies I have used throughout my career...well into senior leadership; strategies designed to get your resume noticed and earn you an immediate call back!

A step-by-step guide and template for creating effective resumes...that are robust, comprehensive, yet concise and succinct

The single biggest thing you can do RIGHT now...that will distinguish your resume from all other applicants

A framework for ongoing support...including tools, mindset and strategies developed to help you not only attract the attention of your ideal employer, but also successfully negotiate an enviable compensation package!



The first step to getting your ideal job is designing your ideal job.  With this workshop, we design your ideal career so that you can begin to implement!


Discover why many of us lose fall off track with our careers in the first place.  For many of us, there are a lot of limiting beliefs and dis-empowering messages we have been carrying with us that cause us to lean further and further away from our careers.

The necessary mindset shifts required to finally become the CEO of your own career.  Discover the changes in your thought patterns needed to finally own your career!

The step-by-step transformation that happens when you design your ideal career.  Find out what's possible when you finally say YES to your career intentions and goals.

Discover what is working / not working about your current job / career situation.  Assess your current situation critically to determine where changes are needed.

Reconnect with your ideal career intentions.  What do you want? Where do you see yourself? Who are you with? What are you doing? Finally get the answers to all these questions and more!

Create your Ideal Career Design; your roadmap for all future career decisions.  With this Career Design, you now have a blueprint, a guide for making important career decisions. Not sure whether you should take the job? Not sure what to negotiate with your manager? No worries! Your Career Design will guide you!

Begin removing barriers that are keeping you from your ideal career immediately!  If it were easy, you'd already be doing it.  Let's work together to identify what is keeping you stuck so we can begin to address.