Exclusively for High-performing, driven and proactive women of color who are ready to accelerate their rise to senior leadership.  


Are you a highly motivated woman of color who understands the value of “staying ready” in her career? Who knows deep down that there are gaps you need to address in order to be best positioned for a senior executive role?


Perhaps you were promoted rapidly at the start of your career, but lately, you’ve been feeling stagnant?

Your expertise and hard work don’t seem to be landing you those highly-coveted senior positions.

You are overwhelmed by your workload, yet underwhelmed by the pace and trajectory of your career lately. 

You have a “great” job and are well compensated, but you know deep down you could do so much more.

Getting to your current level took hard work and experience. Getting to the next level seems complicated and mind-boggling.

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Achieve unprecedented growth in your career, starting with your next high-level promotion to Senior Manager, Director or VP in as early as 6 months.

Lead highly motivated teams who are eager to work with and for you.

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Make a lasting impact in the organization.

Move from average to top of range compensation.

Accomplish your personal and family wellness goals alongside your career success.