10 Signs It's Time to Prioritize Wellness In Your Workday


One of the most prevalent complaints I hear from Millennial, Women of Color in Corporate America is the difficulty in achieving and maintaining balance or self-care during their workdays. 

According to recent studies, the workplace is a major source of stress for American adults; with 40% of the workforce admitting that their jobs were extremely stressful.  Approximately 25% have literally felt like screaming or shouting at work as a result of job stress.  Below graphic shows the four most predominant work-related stressors.



SOURCE: CompPsych 2006 StressPulse Survey

When I first began my career as an Auditor in the Corporate space, I had similar struggles and had to work intentionally to overcome them in order to create balance in my life.

Here are some of the signs I have not only experienced myself, but also seen in some of my coaching clients. Do any of these strike a chord with you?

1. You work 10+ hours a day in a job culture that is fast paced, highly demanding and stressful. No matter how much you do, your boss demands more. Maybe nicely. Maybe not so much.


2. You are confined to a small cubicle or office space that barely receives any sunlight or fresh air.  That small plant or framed picture of a loved one is your attempt to make it more...livable. And why not? You are after all spending most of your waking hours here.


3. You leave home with hair and makeup freshly done, however the stress and anxiety of the day has made you chew off your lipstick.  Remnants of your eyeshadow give away how often you have rubbed your eyes from staring at your screen. Your hands have been in your hair all day, so it's now a tangled mess. If your ‘condition’ is acute, you may have given up trying all together. It'll get messed up anyway. Why bother?


4. On particularly stressful days, you may forget to eat a proper lunch. You may, however have a secret stash of candy, chocolate bars and chips that you mindlessly throw into your mouth as you stare at that computer screen.


5. You don't even know how you got home after work. You must have gotten in your car or waited for the subway or bus. You must have taken the usual route. But do you remember anything you saw? Nope. Completely zoned out.


6. You drop everything at the door once you get home. Coat, shoes, laptop bag, purse, bra, maybe even clothes. Everything. Your doorway is starting to look like a flea market or thrift store. 


7. On one or more occasions, you were so tired and absentminded, you may have done something very dangerous. Like forgotten to take your keys out of the keyhole as you let yourself in, leaving the keys outside all night!


8. You eat everything in sight.  Last weekend, you told yourself you would be "good" this week.  You've spent hundreds of dollars on green veggies, but they are all rotting away in your fridge and you will have to throw them out next weekend. You planned to work out after work but …


9. Interactions with your family and friends are becoming combative, monotonous and maybe even destructive; you are constantly venting about your day, while paying very little attention to what they may need from you.


10. Lastly, you plop yourself in front of the TV.  Doesn't even matter what's on. Could be what I call "ratchet tv"; in fact the more ratchet, the better. This way you don't have to think too much.  Besides,  would you really want to watch anything serious, when the micro-aggressions from your workday continue to play in your mind like a highlight reel?  Before long, you doze off on the couch.  And you know what?  You get to do it again tomorrow! Oh joy!

By traditional American workplace standards, a Millennial has at least another 30+ years left of this before retirement.  Do you want to continue down this path? Is this sustainable? 

I am a strong believer that work should contribute to your essence and not deplete it.  Achieving Career Success while staying holistically well is not a myth.  I am living proof of this concept! And so are the growing number of women who work with me to change their stories. 

You may be asking yourself, “How do I course-correct?”

Truth is, it all begins with YOU. 

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.
— Michelle Obama





You have to be ready to prioritize yourself.  Do you consider yourself important enough to invest time and money in? Do you believe you deserve to work in a job role, company or career that aligns with your values and desires for your life? Are you willing to tune into yourself throughout your workday to see what *insert your name here* needs at any point in time? 

Working with a career coach demonstrates that you are willing to invest in yourself.  You are serious about making lasting changes to your lifestyle, while still staying lucrative in your Corporate role.  The next logical step? Schedule some time with me to discuss your current situation and let's create a path to success and wellness.  YOU are worth it!