The “Behind the Scenes” of my Transformation from Timid Associate to Successful Corporate Leader


It all began with me bawling my eyes out in the bathroom stall at work. I wasn’t much of a crier but this was tough to bear.

Minutes before, I had just found out that my male colleague had gotten the promotion I had been working towards and I hadn’t.

Let me explain.

  • I had contributed more dollars-wise to the team’s results that year.

  • I had shown up at 6:30 AM and left the office at 8PM most days, long after anyone else was in the building. I had gotten accustomed to having my car being the only one in the parking lot by day’s end. I recall driving in the dark, through sleet and snow, praying to Baby Jesus I would make it to my destination safely.

  • I had cancelled weekend plans just to make sure I got reports in ahead of schedule.

  • I did more than my fair share. I not only pulled my weight, I picked up the slack.

So as I sat across from my manager and heard him tell me , “You did very well this year”, while still giving me a Satisfactory rating, I literally felt the tears pricking my eyes, threatening to fall.

I barely made it to the bathroom. I was livid. I was hurt. I was embarrassed.

For a moment I thought, “It’s probably racism and sexism.” Until I remembered that others who looked like me had been promoted in recent memory.

So what was it? What was I missing?

For weeks after that day, I remained bitter. I didn’t do any work. I got very good and shuffling paper at my desk and staring mindlessly and unproductively at my screen.

Finally, once I worked through those feelings, I decided to seek out help. I reached out to some potential mentors and coaches.

Through that process, I learned that there was much more I didn’t know about what it took to be a leader.

  • In truth, I was timid and shy. Yes I was smart, but I rarely spoke up. I subconsciously didn’t feel like I belonged in those conference rooms.

  • I was great at following directions. I executed flawlessly, but I never really led.

  • I was helpful to a fault, accomplishing all tasks, yet never really adding the kind of value I was innately capable of.

I learned sooo much more about myself and began to make changes.

Through coaching and mentorship, I began to cultivate the mindset and learn the strategies I needed to show up more powerfully!

People noticed.

The following year, I achieved a promotion and eventually made up for lost time, eventually landing a role as Global Team Lead with > $500M responsibility and direct reports in 5 countries!

And I’m not done!

Looking back, I didn’t need another degree. I didn’t need to learn more about my field. I was already knowledgeable about the technical details. I didn’t need more ambition. I had that. I needed mindset, strategy, tools and scripts!

And that is exactly what I provide for my clients today.

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