How long it will take you to increase your annual salary by $50K?


The other day, I had complimentary coaching calls with 5 Black, Female professionals in Corporate America.

These women were extremely knowledgeable in their fields; they each had no less than 10 years in their chosen fields.

2 Accountants, 1 Engineer, 2 HR Professionals.

All of them had Masters degrees.

So again, by most accounts, very accomplished.

Here’s what they all had in common. They were underpaid. Grossly.

I asked my usual questions…

Me: How much more money do you want to make?

Them: About $50K more (on average)

Me: Ok, very attainable! By when would you like to hit this goal?

Them: In 3 or so years.

Me: Ok. On average, what % raises have you been getting at work?

Them: 0-3% the last 5 years ( on average)

Me: At that rate, it will take you >20 years to hit your goal. Did you know that?

Them: *shock*


You may be wondering…

How then do I make more money without waiting 2 decades?

I help my clients accelerate their career so they can hit their career and income goals faster and not have to wait 22 years.

My Career Accelerator Mastermind is designed to help you secure your next ideal job + land rapid promotions with double digit % increases.


  • Exact blueprint and strategy to secure your ideal job in as little as 8 weeks

  • Career Strategy and Plan to accelerate your career and land your next promotion ASAP

  • Scheduled + On-demand access to your coach for laser-focused coaching

  • Membership to our thriving community of supportive Black women in Corporate who are achieving the same goals you’re working on

  • Lifetime access to all coaching content


I look forward to discussing with you very soon!

stella odogwu