3 Empowering Affirmations for Your Job Search


Searching for jobs can be one of the most challenging career-related activities for some corporate professionals.  This explains why many of us are content with sticking it out in jobs that are no longer rewarding.  Like a bitterly unhappy spouse who is staying in a marriage for fear of the unknown, many stay with employers who do not value them because they are afraid of what’s out there. 

Will anyone else hire me?

Will I make the same amount of money?

What if my new employer is worse?

If you are currently battling with these thoughts, here are some affirmations that are sure to break through the inertia and get you moving towards a better employment situation.

1.       I earned this job and I am capable of attracting a better one.

This affirmation gets at the root of your inaction; fear of whether anyone else will hire you.  Fear that you are not really that marketable.  Did you know that there are over 10 million new  jobs added each month here in the US alone?  Surely, you can find one that is ideal for you.  Think about the process you went through to get the job you are in now.  You got an education, polished your skillset, networked with the right people and built a strong, compelling brand.  You have already proven you can do it.  And guess what? You are still you!

2.       I bring immense value to any employer who is lucky to have me.

Just because your current boss doesn’t see your value does not mean there is something wrong with you.  Think of all the wins you achieved in your current role.  You did so much with so little!  You were probably hired and thrown right into the deep end.  Little onboarding, haphazard training, low budget and, no “handover” documents from the last person who had your job.  Yet, you not only learned to swim, you walked on water!  Sure, you made some mistakes along the way.  Who doesn’t? You have learned your lessons and are taking them with you. Your next employer is eagerly waiting to receive you!

3.       I am deserving of my ideal job and I will only accept opportunities that are right for me. 

You will not settle.  You are too valuable for that.  You are only interested in your ideal job; one that challenges you in the best way and rewards you competitively for it.  You’ve heard others say they love their jobs.  You now know that you, too, are deserving of that feeling.  You have previously acted from a place of desperation; grabbing the first opportunity that came your way.  Now, you know the value of being intentional in your job search and you are eager to implement it.  Whether it’s during the application phase, phone screen, face-to-face interview or negotiations, you are determined to bring your full self to the process.  You are no longer reticent about asking the questions that matter to you, and you are confidently asking for your worth.

As with any successful change process, the first step begins with the right mindset.  With these empowering thoughts, you are one step closer to attracting and landing your ideal job.

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stella odogwu