Are you working in your Ideal Corporate Career?

Yup.  I used “ideal” and “corporate career” in the same sentence!  

Several years ago, I embarked on a journey to transform my career.  After years in school culminating in an MBA and several post-graduate certificates, I felt something was missing and I wasn’t really enjoying any of it anymore.  I had worked for years at the most reputable companies in my field, done great work and made good money.  By 25, I was in a managerial role, making strategic decisions and managing budgets in the $100 million range.  My jobs afforded me the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally. I had it all, right?

So, what was wrong? Why did I feel this hollowness in the pit of my stomach every day? Why did I have such adverse reactions to walking into the office building every single day?  Why wasn’t I excited? And why wasn’t I filled with a deep sense of pride with each promotion?

Before I began this journey, I had been on autopilot.  I had not allowed myself to actively participate in or intentionally steer my career.  Every single professional move I had made up until then had been borne out of the expectations of others.  What did my parents expect me to do? What do my bosses expect? What have others in my position done?  What did people say was the next logical move? How would it look if I don’t ask for this promotion?

The journey began with one simple question; one I had never seriously asked myself, ever.


Those four simple words changed everything!  They allowed me to introduce two things that instantly overhauled my career: First, Intention; then Strategy.

I created a simple, hand-drawn worksheet to guide me in the process of designing exactly what I wanted.  I took an hour one weekend, sat in my bedroom, turned off my phone, took a few deep breaths, and wrote down my answers to that simple, yet pivotal question.  After all, how could I actively go after what I wanted, if I hadn’t spelled it out?! This worksheet became the basis for the my Career Design Workbook, a FREE guide to mapping out your ideal career.

joined career design image.png

If you are interested in getting back into the driver’s seat of your career, intentionally and strategically steering yourself to success, then this workbook is for you.  After completing this workbook, you now have:

·          An in-depth assessment of your current state; what you like vs dislike

·         A clear representation of what success looks like for YOU, taking into account 9 key areas ranging from ideal job function to company culture and compensation

·         A blueprint to guide your conversations with your manager on what exactly you want short and long term

·         A guide to help determine what jobs to go after and what to negotiate before accepting an offer

·         A compass to help you navigate every aspect of your career, letting you know when it’s time to pivot.

If you could use this kind of empowerment and illumination in your career, if you are ready to fully show up, designing and implementing your ideal career, then click here to download your FREE copy.

stella odogwu