The Intelle Story


Hi, I'm Stella Odogwu, Founder of Intelle Coaching Solutions.  I am so glad our paths have crossed and I cannot wait to learn more about you!  Wondering who I am and how I began this exciting platform dedicated to supporting and empowering the next generation of Black, Female corporate leaders?

SEVERAL years ago, I began my journey through Corporate America…

… completely unaware of my value.  Throughout my upbringing, I had been taught there were two things I needed to succeed in my Corporate career - Education & Hard work. So I got my degrees and amassed my post-grad certifications. I worked very hard; often the last person to leave the office and never saying NO to any extra projects.

A few years, I noticed a few things: 

I wasn't moving up as fast I thought I would! I watched my peers get promoted even though I was delivering more to the bottom line.  

I didn't know what i didn't know...

I did not know the importance of personal branding and visibility.  Yes, I was working hard and delivering results, however, I lacked the confidence required to speaking up and standing in the spotlight. 

I did not know how and when to negotiate my salary.

I did not know how to build strategic relationships at the executive level.

I did not know how to influence those over whom I did not have direct authority.

I also found myself deprioritizing my physical and emotional wellness.

I knew something had to change!


With coaching & mentorship,  intention, and radical self-work, I uncovered the secret to building career excellence while living a full, gratifying life. 

I went from being a shy, timid girl into a bold Corporate leader who was able to:

Make an impact in the lives of customers while contributing several hundred millions to company bottom-lines 

Benefit from over $100K in company-sponsored training in prestigious programs

Lead and inspire global teams with direct reports in 5 countries

Earn an enviable 6-figure compensation package

And, live my best life!

my resume


Corporate Executive turned Certified Career Coach  

In building my career over several industries, I have developed a solid career-boosting toolkit that will enable you thrive in every area of your life.  Whether you are a fresh grad, entry level or a seasoned manager, the Intelle advantage offers the best of both worlds:  strategically developed tools + a down-to-earth, relatable and customized approach.  

More about me

I graduated with degrees in Accounting & Economics from Bradley University and started my career in Accounting at a large Accounting firm.  I am a proud Howard MBA grad, with a concentration in Supply Chain Management.  As a certified Supply Chain leader, I have spearheaded complex negotiations, led global teams and pioneered continuous improvement with multinational brands.   When I am not working, I am spending time with my wonderful husband, or my delightful family and friends. I also dedicate time to helping shape the minds of Black and Brown children from less privileged backgrounds.  I enjoy long hikes and ripe plantains.